Carers allowance


Does anyone know if there is a cap to how much you can put into a private pension whilst claiming carers allowance?

With the annual wage increase in April, this would put me over the threshold of earnings, also, I’m getting older and thinking about coping financially in later life so want to put maybe £200ish each month. Would this be allowed?

I did just speak with a CS operator from the DWP, but she didn’t give me huge confidence by saying “no I don’t think so” :confused:

Contact Carers UK’s helpline for further details.

Hi Kathleen.

Thread already running on this :£%20123

Everywhere one researches , the answer is the same :


Half of any contributions that you make into a work or personal pension can be taken as a deduction from your earnings to help you keep your Carer’s Allowance into a pension each week would mean a 50% deduction from your earnings – taking you just below the £ 123 threshold.

One way for you to join a pension scheme is via your employer. All employers have to enrol eligible staff into a workplace pension scheme under the auto-enrolment programme. You can find out more about auto-enrolment on our website.

The problem (as set out in our auto enrolment guidance) is that on weekly pay of less than £192, your employer does not need to automatically put you into a workplace pension scheme. However, you can ask that they do this manually.

( The Government … full sp on workplace pensions : Employees | Workplace Pensions )

So taking that a little further … gross pay £ 150 per week … contribute £ 54 towards a pension … 50% of which is £ 27 … £ 150 - £ 27 = £ 123.

Trouble is , your net pay will only be £ 96 ( £ 150 - £ 45 ) … definitely a case of jam tomorrow.

And , given their investment nature , the choice of pension provider and future market conditions when you need those monies.

Under Universal Credit and receiving income related benefits … housing benefit / council tax discount being the most common :

TAPERS :£%20123

Yes I think I might have too, thanks you.

Also wondering
how it would work if my employer made contributions into my pension. …would that also count as my earnings?

Thank you for all your answers, how is we are all more knowledgeable than their CS.

Think I will definitely contact the helpline here, hopefully they can help.

Thank you all again