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I’m new here and hoping to get some information about benefits / care allowance for my parents, apologies in advance for the long post.

My mum suffered a stroke approx. 7 months ago and since has lost most of her independence, although she has started getting some of her mobility back, she is fairly weak on her right side and is also suffering from aphasia, she is unable to do much for herself atm and needs help bathing, dressing, food prep, communication etc. Due to this we are ensuring someone is always with her as she is not ready to be left alone.

After leaving hospital, a care package was put in place for her where agency workers come in to help bath and then a few more times in the day, due to many issues they are hoping to move to a direct payment for this but need to find carers she will be comfortable with.

At the moment my dad is providing most of the care for my mum and is constantly by her side. My parents have always been very independent and find it hard when us kids try to provide care :frowning: and I think its getting to a stage where they want their peace back as we’re constantly trying to be around!

We have been advised by difference agencies they are entitled to various benefits but I don’t really know where to start. I’ve tried various online sites but the benefits suggested seem to differ!

At the moment this is what they receive:

Mum, Age 71, receives basic state pension of £53.44, no other benefits, never claimed anything. Social have said if mum switches to direct payment, she would get around £160 a week to pay for care & costs associated with it.

Dad, Age 81, receives basic state pension of £103.67 and Pension credit of £95.51.
He also gets the higher component of DLA for mobility, which he uses to pay for a car. He is also a blue badge holder.

They own the house they live in and have around £3000 savings. They get 100% discount on council tax, get winter fuel allowance too.

My questions are around the following:

  1. Can my mum claim any DLA or any other benefits in her own right or would that affect my dads benefits. Prior to the stroke she has been

  2. Does my dad qualify for carers allowance even if he gets the higher rate of DLA for mobility

  3. Is there any other financial help they can get towards helping with food prep, cleaning etc

Thank you


I’ll try to keep this simple.

In answer to your questions :

1. Attendance Allowance …

2. CA ? No … ceases once the state pension kicks in … so called overlapping benefit rule.

( An online benfits calculator … time to crunch some numbers ? … Turn2us Benefits Calculator. )
3. Yes … amongst others , Direct Payments … already mentioned … guide to home services follows :

( What’s available out there and who provides it. )
( Father … DLA … and not Attendance Allowance ? )
Direct Payments … full sp on this beast … habitat and feeding habits :

Direct payments - what are they - Citizens Advice

In addendum to DPs , a Needs Assessment through your LA :

AGE UK … are both parents on their radar ?

Enough from me … the above should keep you busy for a while ?

Thanks Chris that’s plenty of bedtime reading

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Your welcome.

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Have they had a “Needs Assessment” from Social Services? This is the first step to getting help to do the tasks listed. It will depend on a financial assessment, no help if they have over £46,000.
That does NOT mean that you have to help instead, it means that they will have to start spending their money on their care. My mum had an excellent pension, but was very reluctant to spend her money. When she was ill, I pleaded with her to see a consultant privately to get better advice, but she wouldn’t!