Carers allowance payments suspended


does anybody know how long it may take a decision maker to look at my claim?
my payments have been suspended since the 2nd September whilst they look at my earnings and childcare costs. It has been with a decision maker since the 10th September.
Today, they tell me that it may take several months!

in the meantime, its causing me significant hardship but they seem disinterested.

Hi Claire.

The CA Unit at the DWP are the final abritrators here … waiting times have been known to be " Excessive. "

Short of attempting to get higher up the chain … or involving your own m.p. … little else to suggest.

( The DWP are reknown for their concerns … as maybe gleamed from the FOOD BANK thread ! )

The main DWP PURGE thread … in the background here ?

HI Claire,
definitely involve your MP, they are good at chivving the DWP. Things suddenly start moving when an MP is involved.


thankyou, I have contacted my MP today.

Does anyone know how the DWP take into account childcare? I earn £176.53 after national insurance and 50% of my pension contributions deducted but my childcare costs are £200 a week. Tax credits pay £90 towards them ( do DWP take this into account) but even if they contributed the full 70% of £140, I would still have to pay £60 put of my own pocket, taking my earnings to £116.53 which is below the threshold.

One for either the CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) to answer … they are the experts.

Contact details for both follow :

Possibly a question of whether that weekly earnings limit … currently £ 123 … has been breached … however determined with earnings /
allowances / costs taken into account.

( Universal Credit not mentioned … not a factor here ? )

thankyou, I will contact Carers UK, although everything I have found so far states that childcare costs are deductible of up to 50% of your wage.
I’m just worries that they will shaft me somehow!

I haven’t migrated to UC yet.

UC ?

One bullet dodged … so far.

Hi Claire , Ive just had the same letter. They are checking my eligibilty too. Im worried about my child care costs as pay a student will i need receipts from her? Do you have any idea why they suspended your payments . As i dont know why are as i have been in the same job for over 12 years.