CA possible overpayment and fraud investigation

Hello, I am looking for some advice as I am absolutely terrified about what is happening.

Back in January 2016 I claimed CA to look after my son who receives DLA for his Autism. I was working 3 days a week and although my earnings were above £110 I was under the impression that I could deduct expenses such childcare, mileage, professional memberships, etc… In February 2017 I changed jobs and increase my hours so my earnings were well above the threshold. I communicate this to the tax credits office as I have always been compliant reporting circumstances but for some reasons I didn’t report it to the DWP. I realised that I made a mistake in October 2017 when I stopped paying childcare. Immediately I reported to them that my childcare was nil and therefore I was no entitle to this so they stopped. Did no hear from them until last Wednesday, when I received a letter saying that they looked at the evidence again and I wasn’t entitle from April 2016. That is 18 months overpayme ts of about £4,500. I called them immediately and they said that when I claimed it I tick the 'not employed box and they found out that I was employed! I said that that was not possible as I was employed and if so it was a huge mistake! She said she had the form in front of her and assured me that I did but I wouldn’t lie.

I haven’t received any other letters but I am terrified that I will and they will well investigate.

I read horrible stories about this and I was panicking so I spoke with a solicitor for advice. I am still unsure if I need one but I just don’t know.

Yesterday I was trying to work out my earnings during that period and my expenses and I am struggling to get to the £110 as I am not sure the full allowable expenses. I had a panic attack and I ended up in hospital. I can’t sleep or eat and I shake constantly. I am breaking down every minute.

What are you thinking that will happened to me??? Sorry I am desperate.


Hi Sandra.

One for the Carers UK Advice Team … contact details follow … best by email :


Not the happiest of bunnies at the best of times … separate thread on the " Purge " containing all we know at forum level :

Thank you Chris,

It is very scary. I just sent an email to my solicitor instructing him. I don’t think I can do this alone. He charges a fixed fee for an initial stage. At least I can have specialist advice I hope. I am in a real mess now.

Thank you

Your welcome and … good fortune.