Carers Allowance Rejected

I applied for Carer’s Allowance as my child received DLA for their disability.

They rejected my application as they said I’m in full time education.

I am currently studying PGCE part time. My learning agreement states my weekly hours are 3 hours.

I’ve rang and they said they’ve changed it on the system but some courses are seen as full time despite only being part time so to ring back in a few days as they may have an update.

Is this correct?

It is surely long overdue for the rules about education and caring to be changed.

If it’s OK for carers to work and care, why isn’t it OK for carers to study and care?
Many of us recognise that our caring days will be limited, and can study and care. I remember doing assignments at 3am - I was doing a degree in Business Studies at the time, as well as caring for my son with LD, and his elder brother.

Studying at home can be very flexible, after all.

Can you check with your college.

I still think you can challenge for your current situation call Carers UK helpline or Citizens Advice.

If the college are happy to write to explain that it is a part time course (including study offsite), you should be alright.