Carers allowance affect on cared for person

Good evening, or morning should I say
After some advice

My adult daughter has claimed CA for my mum for around a year. They live apart

My mum gets high rate mobility and standard care. My mum has had a social care assessment and used to have care via an agency. My daughter took over as a PA and provides 8 hours paid support. The rest informal. She doesn’t pay a contribution as she is eligible for 117 aftercare.

Today my mum got a letter stating her ESA would be reduced because my daughter claimed CA. This means my mums money has been reduced by about 60 a week stating she is no longer entitled to the severe disability element.

My daughter provides a significant amount of informal care. My mum cannot read or write and has physical and mental health needs. Simple things cannot be fixed or instructed over the phone.

This reduction would leave my mum very short financially and I am surprised its reduced so much and taken so long to do it. My daughter has now cancelled her claim and will be seeking other employment which means she will be less available to support my mum and I work full time. My daughter does not claim any benefits as her partner works.

Does this reduction sound correct? It is like the government gives in one hand and takes it from another.


Good morning & welcome Tracy

Yes, it is correct …

I think when people apply for CA they should be told this. And to speak to the person who why will care for.

If your daughter provides the care, then she IS entitled to the money.

Who is funding the care that pays for your daughter?
You say that mum doesn’t contribute towards the care, as it’s covered by Section Aftercare.
So are the |NHS funding it, or Social Services?
When were mum’s needs last reassessed - is 8 hours enough?