Carer’s help please


My partner is my carer and his child has been taking into care. The social services are saying my partner basically can’t be my carer and care for his own child and we need to put strategies in place? Just wondering what support/advice there is in Merseyside so we can get the right support.

What a load of rubbish. I cared for my disabled son, my disabled mother, ran a business, and a national club and fed all of us, average height 6ft plus!!

Tell your partner to make a Subject Access Request to the council (probably do it online) and ask for copies of everything that they have on their computer written about them. They must comply within 30 days. See the Information Commissioner’s website for more information.
Can I ask why you need a carer?

Hello and welcome!

Have you requested a needs assessment or not yet? What is the nature of the disability which he has? Is it a physical or cognitive impairment? How old is he now? You need to start thinking about the future. Start making plans.

Hi Louise,
that is unusual. Is your partner not coping? Do you get support from paid carers?

Are social services concerned that the nature of your illness/ disability is negatively affecting his child/ putting the child at risk?

How old is your partner’s child and what sort of strategies does social care expect you to put in place?