Carer’s allowance allowable deductions


I am claiming carer’s allowance for the first time and I just want to check that business mileage @ 45p a mile is an allowable eduction for the purposes of DWP?

I currently work 20 hours a week as a care assistant but I am based in the community and have to have a car to get between calls and get to the care agency office to collect other carer’s and paperwork etc. I do at least 100 miles per week as business mileage so would I be right in thinking that I can claim £45 per week as an allowable deduction for CA?

Thanks for any advice. Much appreciated.

Hi Sarah … and interesting one ?

Business mileage … an allowance expense for DWP purposes ?

The following link sets out the basics on business mileage :

Business Mileage - How Much Can I Claim? + Free spreadsheet

Certaintly one which interests the TaxMan but … as for the DoleMan ( DWP ) ?

What had you in mind ?

Carers Allowance … caring for a family member as well as working part time ?

If so , don’t lose sight of that weekly earning limit of £ 123 per week !!!

Perhaps it’s this aspect that your question concerns ???

( Expenses allowable to be deducted to keep within that £ 123 limit ??? )

The following link answers that question … on the assumption that said question has been asked ?’s-allowance-–-can-deductible-employment-expenses-help-you-qualify

I trust the above will prove to be of assistance ?