62p over can anyone help

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Hi II wondered if anyone could offer advice. I had been getting carers but my claim was suspended 6 months ago no letter no call I only just found out today , can anyone help as they told me I am 62p over so I earn 123.62 a week

I did it like this, I took my wage and paid a work pension and a private pension, these I thoughtook me too £123 a week but careers had this confusing way of working it all weirdly so they say I am 60p over.
Is there any other things I can claim for ?

£25.05 pension — allows £13
£160 private pension allows £80 … I did not claim for other expenses but I just wanted to know what other things I could claim for

scroll down to …

Allowable deductions
If you are affected, you may be able to make deductions from your earnings to help you keep your CA payments without having to cut your hours.

In that you can Claim a expenses, but they will return back your money but with little bit late.

At the top left of the page you will see “Quick Links”. Click here and you will find an index of all sorts of things, including CA and allowable deductions.

That would allow for £12.52

How else can they work it out differently, surely it’s just half of what you pay into a pension and then deduct this from your earnings?