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This petition has 15,000 signatures so far ;Increase Carer's Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage - Petitions
Increase Carer’s Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage for:
16-17 year old - £4.81
For 35 hours - £168.35
£98.65 more than a carer
More than double.

18-20 years old - £6.83
For 35 hours - £239.05
Nearly 3 and a half times as much

23 plus age - £9.50
For 35 hours - £332.50
Nearly 5 times as much

Carers most often are doing far more than 35 hours caring. But lest Say 35 hours for simplicity.

Carers current weekly payment of £69.70 isnt much. It’s equivalent £1.99 per hour based on the 35 hours.

How valued are carers really?
Yes carers have a small amount of UC and in Scotland a couple of £239 payments a year but that doesn’t compare to getting less than half the amount of a 16 year olds equivalent. I realise matching to a £9.50 Minimum Wage is unreasonable but surely match it to a child level Wage isn’t.

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The government are happy to employ other people to look after our loved ones, but not to pay us the same amount.
I honestly believe that if the government paid CA at the same rate as the minimum wage, with the same rights, time off, sick pay, etc. etc. then many of the “bed blockers” could go home.
For people with savings, not entitled to other benefits, it’s impossible to care on CA without dipping into savings.
If councils paid Direct Payments to family carers (as the Care Act says they can), again the bed blockers might be able to go home.

Maybe there should be a trial in one area of the country to see how it works. Mum was in Royal Bournemouth Hospital for a long time, the area has one of the highest populations of elderly in the country, so serious “bed blocking” issues.

I’d also like to see some scheme for “when caring ends”.
This should extend the period CA is paid after someone dies or moves into residential care.
Some retraining help.
It is possible to care and study at the same time, I did a special mature students degree. when my son was young. The current rules forbid studying for 21 hours or more, but there are still another 147 hours in a week for caring, and you only have to do 35 hours to qualify for CA. Even adding the 21 hours and 35 hours together to give 56 hours, that still leaves 112 hours free!