Carer for my partner at 32 yrs old

Hi all,

I’ve just joined the forum, basically looking for connections and company.

I’m a carer for my partner, we’re both 32. She has 3 different neurological conditions, Fibromyalgia, cPTSD and Interstitial lung disease which has led to chronic respiratory failure.

We’ve had no benefits (3 claims rejected so far - waiting on a 4th) and I’ve been the only earner - I also work as a carer and do night shifts. We’ve not had a stable place to love since December 2020 and stay with various friends and family (we obviously pay them ‘rent’). Life has been lonely. I forget that I am actually a person myself with likes, dislikes, interests etc.

Hi Sara & welcome

That’s sounds really horrendous!

Perhaps you need signing posting to someone who can help with benefits. Who have you already connected too regarding assistance with the applications.

Have you spoken to Turn to Us re: housing issues. They to help with benefits issues. Having no fixed home is a very difficult situation. Getting this sorted I guess is your number one task.

I’m new to the forum and new to caring - so mot sure I’ve got any helpful advice.

Just wanted to say I relate to what you’re going through - I’m looking after my partner who is only early 40s and I’m (trying) to keep working full time. It’s not easy at all, is it?