Carer for all?

Hello My name is Joshua, i care about people, and help people in need when i can. My caring isnt just support for disabled people but for anyone that wants care and support. I care for all and i support all.
My mother were mentally disabled and i supported her and went shop for her and did things for her although she didnt have many physical problems.

I wish the best to all and i am looking to learn off other people but also help other people learn about circumstances, which can always be changed. I go to church, and i believe caring is caring for someone unfortunate, someone that has physical needs or mental needs. I needed to be cared for at one point, because i was put into a mental health hospital, with severe mental health issues. Someone depressed might need attention too, but care extends to people with physical needs too.

What are your thoughts on care? What do you think is harder to deal with physical caring or mental caring?

Hi Joshua

You sound like you have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Which I would think could help a lot of people.

Personally, I have dealt in many different ways personally and professionally. In proving care to individuals with physical and mental health issues.

However, I find for me physical issues are easier. I do admire people who help individuals with mental health issues. I find this the most difficult side of care.