Mental health

Well just wondering if anyone else can relate to the way carers of relatives with mental health are practically ignored regards their own needs I have cared for my grandson now for last 6 years in and out of hospitals for most of that time He is now 24 and scitzophrenic only diagnosed 2 years ago I am his and the hospitals main point of call regards anything I have felt very neglected and misunderstood about how much stress and pressure this has on me I myself have chronic depression all of which they know about but have felt totally alone Sorry for long post but just curious to know if anyone else has suffered while doing all they can for people they love

Hi & welcome Kathleen

Yes, it’s a very common issue. That’s why is very important as a carer in what ever capacity. That you are link to a support network and/or group in your local area.

That you have a carers assessment and make sure you own needs are met. Even therapist’s have their managers to off load too. That is no different for carers. We can not and should not carry all the caring weight.

Have you had a carers assessment?

My son has severe learning difficulties, he’s now 42. I seem to have a never ending battle with Social Services. I have some serious health issues. He lives in a flat and is supposed to have all his needs met, but they are not. Currently battling with Social Services to ensure he is safe when riding his bike. For over 2 years, the new agency has been supporting him to ride his bike, without ever checking it is safe to ride!
I usually go on holiday for 2 weeks each, spring and autumn. Without any “escape” I’m so weary of it all. I just need a break.

Social services work like we are in the Middle Ages! I understand that COVID and many people are afraid of getting sick, but this indifference to the state of guardians has been going on for more than a year. I had no idea that everything was so terrible until my sister had a child with autism. I understand that at this stage the child is 4 years old and his mother takes care of his daughter as a child, including, and not only as an incapacitated relative (at 4 years of age, any child is considered incapacitated). But what will happen in 15-20 years? Will there be any help from social services? I understand that few people will feed or buy better than a loved one. But as for specialized occupations, then the help of a specialist is needed. This is a situation similar to that of Kathleen, whose grandson needs specialized help, but all the care is on her shoulders.

Schizophrenia is a complex disease that has a profound effect on the patient, as well as on his relatives and relatives. It is important that all parties be aware of available treatment options. Treatment must be tailored to the individual’s needs and help to lead a full life