Caree refused assessment

I have been corresponding with social services about my lack of unpaid carer help and support.

I was told that a caree that I was helping refused a needs assessment, as there was no assessment the needs could not be ascertained and the case was closed.
Because of this i too the unpaid carer was refused help and support.

The lady from Social Services said, we cannot force people to accept care, it is their choice.

It just seems to absolve the social services of all reponsability and leave all the caring to friends and family.

Doesn’t seem fair? Surely Social services should have recognised the need for support to the unpaid carer?

Yes and … no.

If any person refuses a Needs Assessment , what can a LA do ?

If it’s a case of mental capacity or safeguarding , then a LA might delve further.

Short of refusing to care unless that person accepts a Needs Assessment , what else can you do.

Even then , Needs Assessment done … and that person refuses any subsequent care package ?

Like survivors from a sinking ship … not all can be saved … or want to be ???

Carer assessment ?

Unaffected , anyone can ask for a carers assessment independent of their caree.

__You can have an assessment in your own right as a carer, regardless of whether we know about the person(s) you care for. __

Quote is from the above site.

They make all the right noises on this page You cannot be refused a carer’s assessment.
Have a read through?

Who can have a carer’s assessment?
Any carer who appears to have needs for support can have an assessment by the local council.

You will be entitled to an assessment regardless of the amount or type of care you provide, your financial means or your level of need for support. You don’t necessarily have to live with the person you are looking after or be caring full-time to have an assessment. You may be juggling work and care and this is having a big impact on your life.

You can have an assessment whether or not the person you are looking after has had a needs assessment, or if the local council have decided they are not eligible for support.

If you and the person you are looking after agree, a combined assessment of both your needs can be undertaken at the same time.

As already as been stated above.

The fact an assessment has already taken place and your caree refused help. This information is already been log.