Getting a needs assessment from the LA

I have posted on here before and it is still the same problem. The LA will not carry out an assessment for my daughter. In May I had a letter from someone at the LA saying they had received a letter/email form the GP , stating my daughter had needs, and that someone would be n touch soon. After many months of waiting I contacted them to ask why no assessment. I was told the person responsible had been o leave for bereavement . I was told it would have to go back to the beginning, and would take about 2 months. A couple of weeks ago, I asked a local organisation to contact them for me, to see why I had had no news. I was told that someone in the council had decided she was not eligible. I asked for this is writing, but as yet have had nothing. I contacted the person who I spoke to earlier in the year, who sent the letter, and he told me he would have to speak to his supervisor and would call me back. Of course he didn’t. Instead he sent a letter saying he could no longer be involved with the case. This is what has happened every time. I would like to know if anyone knows if it is legal to close a request,without any notification, and also how is it legal to make a judgement about a person’s eligibility without first doing an assessment.

The council MUST assess needs before deciding that someone does not qualify for support.
Look at the LA’s website, search for Complaints department and make an online complaint.
Print off a copy.
If no reply in two weeks, write to the Director of Social Services.

Read through the above.

Make a list of bullets point that your daughter matches i.e the criteria for help.

From the link

There are three questions the council will have to consider in making their decision:

Does the person you look after have care and support needs as a result of a physical or mental condition?
Due to care and support needs is the person you look after unable to achieve or meet two or more desired goals or outcomes?
Is there, or is their likely to be a significant impact on the person’s wellbeing?
If the answer to all three questions is yes, then the person you look after will have eligible needs for care and support. These questions are explained in more detail below.

Then send it to social services.

How old is your daughter?

You could also include a copy and/or contact your MP.