Care home fees

Hello everyone!
I wanted to get some advice my grandmother suffers from severe dementia and is currently receiving ccg but there is a possibility that the ccg care will stop. The house is tenants in common with her owing 50 percent share

Does anyone have experience with the council with tenants in common with the council valuing half a property???

Hi Indi … welcome to the canteen.

To keep you going , try an Internet search … CARE HOME FEES TENANTS IN COMMON … as I have just done.

Many links including opinions from legal firms plus a very detailed response on the Alzheimer’s Society forum :

Will "tenants in common" have to sell Mums house for care home fees? | Dementia Talking Point

In essence , in a much better postion as tenants in common as opposed to the more general joint tenants.
For one of the better bibles out there on care home fees , AGE UK :
Paying for permanent residential care | Paying for a care home | Age UK

Full sp on all aspects including tenants in common as it currently is under law.


Clinical Care Group … perhaps CGC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … or even NHS Nursing Funded Care ?

If any one of the the latter , main thread :

Guide to the whole thread at the very top … follow the colour !

Have a ponder … then return to us here on this forum.

Hi Indi,

They should show that her needs have reduced (!) before removing CHC.

However, there are other issues that might work in your favour.

Can i ask who the other tenants in common are? Ages? Are any of them disabled?