Can they take my mums house?

Hi everyone
Need a bit of advice as am pretty worried about mums situation.
We sold my mums house a year ago as she was in early stages of dementia and struggled getting up the stairs. Her mobility was pretty bad which resulted to having a nasty fall.

With the money from the sale of her home we downsized and bought mum a ground floor flat to live with my brother who is also disabled. We have been using the money left over from the sale of her previous home to pay for 24 hour carers at her new flat.

Mum’s money and her savings have nearly run out and we are now considering options like a care home.

My question is can they take her home or put a Charge on her property to pay for the care home whilst my brother lives there & is registered as Disabled?

Any help much appreciated.

Hi Bobby … welcome to the canteen.

Interesting situation … not uncommon … in fact , too common on this forum !

Two links follow.

AGE UK … the sector experts on this … link to the main site and that all important " Care Homes " guide :

Paying for permanent residential care | Paying for a care home | Age UK

Carers UK Advice Team … contact details … best by email :

Paying for permanent residential care | Paying for a care home | Age UK
( I will assume that all steps taken so far have been in accordance with advice received ??? )

Anyone mention CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare as a possibility ?

If so … applied for but refused or … left on the back burner ?

Have a real ponder … the information contained with the AGE UK link is very comprehensive.

Then , return to us with your further thoughts and questions.

Feel free to ask anything to do with life / survival in our world , CarerLand.

You also need to think about protecting the flat for your brother, irrespective of what happens to Mum.
I suggest you go to a solicitor and get wills, trusts and Power of Attorneys set up for him asap