Care assessment

My mum has had dementia for seven years. I have been coping alone without any help from social services. Sadly today I can no longer cope with mum and have asked for help. Social services are going to do a needs assessment. This will include all personal care. However there are some minor things that I’m worried about. She has a little dog who she loves. Does anyone know if the carers will feed the dog? Also I’m worried regarding rubbish collections etc. Does anyone have any advice on these issues.

You can ask for advice. There are pet rehoming charities in all areas across Britain. I recommend talking to the local council about waste collections too.

Hi Julie

Have you ask for a carers assessment at the same time.

The dog should not be an issue. As with all tasks there will be an assessment. Risk assessment for dealing with the dog. Hopefully the dog is friendly etc.

If mum is unable to take the rubbish bin out for collection. The council offer help in such cases. And the bin will be collected from the where every it is in the property. As long as there is clear access etc.

Carers can and do help with pet care, walking, feeding etc it can be added to the care plan.
A lot of carers are pet lovers/pet owners themselves.
There are many people who love dogs but cannot have one but would love to help look after a dog walk etc.
Try your local vets, they might be able to help.

There is the Cinnemon Trust, they provide help and support looking after pets if the owner is disabled/unable to.
Walking, feeding, taking to the vets etc.
The carers should do most domestic tasks and can deal with the rubbish , put the bin out.
In our area if you cannot manage to put the bin out, there are special arrangements, you contact the council and they will sort it out.

Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear about your mum.

In my own case I contacted the council refuse department and they flagged that my mum was vulnerable and they would come into the front garden to remove the bins. Also the carers fed my mum’s cat. I need to be present originally to show how much and what to feed as they had no idea! It was also built into the care assessment. I am not sure however that they would walk a dog. Hopefully that is not a problem.

If you have any questions, ask away, many of us have been in your shoes.

Anne x

Did you know that as mum has dementia she is exempt from Council Tax?
Even better, it can be backdated to the date of diagnosis, and it’s easy to claim!