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[size=150]Hello,I am writing on the behalf of my very poorly Husband who has terminal cancer of prostate bones and lung & also deaf & severely sighted.Luckily he’s not in bed.But he has direct payments as he’s got no savings.He was granted 14 hours per week,to cover a sight charity to provide support workers three times a week. Now sadly he has a homecare agency twice a day & this is 7 and a half hours,the support workers are great,but he has an assessment coming up & we are both worried the Surrey county council will cut his welfare trips out to the town.Surely can the do this to some one with terminal cancer.Ok before I go on I am an exhausted carer for my husband with my own health issues of anxiety issues & osteoarthritis in hips and knees & hands.I really am dreading things being cut.Isnt it more important for someone to be able to still access his local community while he can?

Hi Amanda.

CHC / NHS Continnuing Healthcare … as this been mentioned / considered ?

( As recommended in my previous reply to your last thread ! )

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As for the forthcoming assessment , a case of wait and learn ?

Once that’s done , and the result known , we can add our insights.

For the time being , CHC … that should be your route forward.
( Article posted only earlier this morning … parts of which will be relevant here : )