Can I set up a hidden camera in my gran’s house?

Can I set up a spy camera in my gran’s house? I fear there is neglect and force feeding by the carers and would like to find evidence of this? I was a home support worker myself for 14 years (I no longer am) but don’t know the laws on this subject?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Same question as asked in a previous thread :

Have you spoken to CQC about this maltreatment?

If it is your grans house and you have her permission you can indeed put cameras in the house.
My business is security solutions to the “rich and famous”
You can conceal a camera in pretty much anything.

Camera options are temporary battery operated or fixed permanent mains powered cameras .
You get what you pay for you can have hi def, 4k cameras if you need crystal clear footage.

I however would start with some nice bright yellow stickers stating that the area/house is monitored by CCTV.

Or just tell the careers that you have had CCTV installed in the house for your grans safety .

This on it"s own could be enough to alter behaviour.