Busy day

The day started with taking mum (84) to GP practice to have INR checked, only to find she didn’t have an appointment! Could be new computer system. Receptionist was lovely. On arriving home mum decided her leg ulcer dressing needed changed, that’s what I get for beef a former nurse! That done got into work an hour late! This evening we had a crisis regarding her medication. The meds I’d collected from the pharmacy on Monday did not (according to mum) one of her meds. Long story short they had given her the generic rather than the trade name drug. Confused the both of us!! Just another day at the fun factory!

Hi Cathy,

welcome to the forum. There is always something to sort out, isn’t there?!

I suspect you might enjoy the Roll Call thread https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-area/members-corner/july-roll-call-2019-37564

Busy day here too; got S up and organised, working hard to keep him calm but on task. His morning support arrived and I went to work. Busy day at school, meeting at the end of the day. Came home, supervised administration of an enema, had a cuppa, sorted dinner. Did chores, joined S to admire his snooker skills, de-escalated anxious behaviour, helped him with trip forms and looked up venue on internet, gentle chivving to get him into bath etc. He will shortly want to chat and then I need to do the chores necessary to make the morning routine, run smoothly.

“No rest for the wicked!”


Hi Cathy and welcome to the forum.
These ‘little problems’ are like snowflakes. One or two at a time are pretty/petty but when they arrive in a storm you find yourself snowed under and dying of exposure!
Being a former nurse has both advantages and disadvantages I guess. Bad because you are expected to know what to do and expected to do it and good because you do know what to do and are able to do it! You might have been very late for work had you been waiting for the district nurse to come change the dressing.
Do you live with Mum? What’s the set-up? As your mum is ‘only’ 84 (I say only because my mother was 90 when I took on her care and she lived to be 100, barring 11 days), then now is the time to get all sorts of things in place for her future needs. Time to get your research done and get yourself well sussed up on what’s available,
Is Mum on her own during the time you are working?
Any problems beginning to emerge? Has anything happened to nudge you towards the forum?
I expect your mum has AA?
P.I.N.K is a good way to survive the storm that’s overhead.
Need any pointers? If you keep posting and explain what’s happening in your caring role lots of people on here will be only too pleased to give any help they can and if you just want to chat and keep in touch, that’s fine too. There will be lots of questions for you as well as answers and shared experiences.