Bus pass cancelled, how to reapply

Hi, this is my first post, bear with me!
Daughter, 36, is newly diagnosed with schizophrenia. Just out of hospital 10 days, on meds and fragile. It was her second hospitalisation, but the first was in a different county 6 months ago, she has moved since to be near me.The first hospital sorted out benefits forms for her, including a disabled persons bus pass, which she is using a lot. Today, unusually, she boarded a bus just before 9.30 and the pass was refused, as she is out of area. Actually the driver let her on, but later she rang the council that issued it for advice and they promptly cancelled it. She is now distraught that her lifeline is gone.
I (now) understand its issued by the council and they are worried about budgets. So we want to apply locally. Thing is, daughter doesnt know quite what the hospital filled in before, and this time we are on our own. Shouldnt we have a social worker or someone to contact for help? I’ve looked on our council website and it says you need a form or letter from a doctor to support the ‘would be refused by DVLA’ criteria. Daughter rang the mental hospital who just discharged her and she says they refused to supply one.
Before I go into battle against the system (again) do you have any tips?

Contact Citizen’s Advice, they should be able to help you. My advice is to carefully document everything from now on. Does she have any carers or not?

Your daughter should have had a support assessment/discharge plan including what care she needed out of the hospital.
And who to contact in case of issues, crisis or emergency.
Has she any follow up appointments?
There is a mental health community team to help people in the community with mental illness.

Your local Mind may be able to help if you have one near by, or the Mind support info line.

Every hospital trust has to have a PALS, Patient advice and liason service, contact them and they should be able to help.

I do know of voluntary driver schemes as well give patients transport to the doctors/hospital etc.

I have a lot of experience with Schizophrenia and it is vital your daughter gets plenty help and support, without she could relapse and end up back in hospital.

It might be worth trying to get an advocate to make sure your daughter can access support.

Too often people are just discharged and forgotten about.

It seems I am her carer. After 2.5 years of talking to 3 health authorities and 4 hospitals, someone at the last hospital told me about Carers UK. Up to then I hadn’t thought of myself as a carer. Is there normally a local parents group that meet face to face etc too?

Thank you. Would I (or my daughter) get to see the discharge plan? There was a crisis team for the first 10 days, who did visit alternate days, that was supposed to be followed by handover to the community team which didnt happen. As she was discharged too soon she didnt really benefit from the crisis team, and now she is ready to talk she could do with them and there is no one there. After a few phone calls I have got her an appointment next week but it seems the ‘plan’ was just to put something in the post to her, and the supposed lead practitioner for her would not normally be allocated for weeks! This when she is so anxious about every little thing, something which she has never experienced before.

Your daughter should have received a copy of the discharge plan and if your daughter was in agreement you should have received one as well.
Ask for a copy of it to see what it says?

There is the Mental Health triangle of care where the service user-your daughter, the carer-that’s you and the mental health services all work together which is supposed to make life easier.

You can actually contact the community mental health team yourselfs and ask what is happening.
The number can be found on the internet.

Exactly the same happened to my caree, went to A&E, saw the crisis team and that was it no help or support.

Rethink are a useful source of information, they have groups that meet up to talk about mental health issues.
If you have a MIND drop in centre, they can be a good source of support, there may be an emergency Mental health crisis place you can go to in your area.