Best way to move forward

Thank you to all responses reference to my first post on this site. Since I posted things have moved on and any tips on how to handle the next steps would be appreciated. After a week seeing my husband go down hill after his rushed discharge on 16th December. The I contacted our GP surgery and thankfully had a response from the on call GP who unlike others in the past actually listened and he took bloods The flowing dad my husband collapsed trying to walk with his frame ( very low blood pressure) and I had to call 999. They as always were excellent and got him into bed. The GP had the results back Christmas eve and said dial 999 and get him in hospital. After a 48 hour spell in the holding ward he has now been transferred to the renal ward. For how long I do not know yet. Obviously the intermediate care package he had will cease after 72 hours. Does this get re instated? and is it another 6 weeks or do they take off the 2 weeks he has had? I do not want an unsafe discharge this time. As I was not given a chance t consult with them can I insist this time that my wishes as well as my husbands are taken into consideration? Having never been in this situation before information as they say is a useful tool.
Regards to all

Hi Jo … seasons greetings.

For my part , I can only repeat the link to the BIBLE on hospital discharges : … -hospital/

In short … either BY THE BOOK or NO DISCHARGE.

It’s as simple as that … if only ???

Don’t lose sight of CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare.

May not apply but … if one doesn’t ask , one doesn’t get … even a refusal.

Write, by Recorded Delivery, the the CEO of the hospital, and make a FORMAL COMPLAINT ABOUT UNSAFE DISCHARGE. Ask for a written apology and an assurance that it will never happen again, that next time it will be done by the book.