Hello and thank you for accepting me into the group.My son is on the autism spectrum and came to live with me last october.I immediately contacted DLA,CHILD BENEFIT,TAX CREDITS and carers allowance to inform them of this and the fact that she was using drugs and had sold everything he had of value, ie tele,computer,xbox clothes and most of the toys and games he had collected for 14 years.Since then i struggled to apply for any of his benefits because of the lack of birth certificate and other documents. I contacted his case worker at the school base and met with her and she was really nice and promised me she would help.Two days later she rang and told me she had spoke to his mother and straight away i realised this woman had listened to lies and made her own judgement on what was going on.this was back in november and she has not rang me since.I needed a letter to claim his DLA so i asked them only to be told it takes a while to contact all the relevent agencies and to come back in a week. I also asked to speak with his case worker only to be told she wasnt in.As i was leaving a lady in the reception area shouted to me that she had seen her minutes earlier.When i went back the next week the same receptionist informed all the agencies had not got back to her and i demanded to have a talk with the head.Within 2 minutes the heads assistant came through and passed me the letter i needed.I filled in the forms and sent all they asked for and waited.Last week i rang DLA and they informed me they had paid his mother in january and backdated it to october. They never explained why they never contacted me or why they sent 4 months pay to a woman i had told them all about.i told them she had abandonded him and sold everything he had.Then they informed me that i will get his money from the 19th of march.I tried to find out about his carers and tax credits but i had no official paperwork to refer to as i had sent them all in to different agencies. I can only assume she has been getting all his money and hasnt been near the lad for six months.I tried to get a solicitor involved but was informed he only works for people accused of benefit fraud and not the victims.Me and my son are living in a set of flats that is a living nightmare and she is in his home with other drug uses. The home i made for my son. no one will help me and i am struggling to cope on my own . I look forward to any advice from anyone . thank you

Welcome Kevin.

In the circumstances so described three initials scream out … CAB :

Expert advice is needed … no one on this forum is an expert

A need for a centralised player on your side given the number of factors / agencies involved here.

Welcome to the forum.

Hang on in there. Firstly, as far as benefits are concerned, if she is claiming that she has been caring for your son, when she hasn’t, then you need to get in touch with the Fraud Department of DWP. They should take this very seriously.

You can easily get a copy of his birth certificate, just contact the Register Office wherever his birth was registered, assuming you are named on the birth certificate and you have ID, they should be able to give you one without a problem. Just ring first, as you may have to make an appointment.

As far as the home is concerned, who owns it? Why did you leave?

I’m dismayed for your son that she sold everything of value he owned. Not sure what to do about that. Someone else will be along shortly.

NEVER send any important original documents away. Always copy them. You can get really cheap printer/copiers now, in places like Staples, or take them to a copy shop.

Keep a diary of everything that is going on, so that you will have evidence.