Back pay at work

I’m due to get some back pay next month due to work incorrectly paying me since April. I normally earn £300 a month, but this will go up to about £345 next month, of not a bit more. I’m thinking that is still under the threshold? My back pay will push it up to about £428, although I’m not sure, it’s very difficult to work out. I know that’s still under the threshold.

What happens though if its more? I can’t tell the CA before as I won’t know until I get paid. I’m really worried that it’ll stop and then I don’t know how to get it started again. I’m having the same worries with Housing Benefit as I think this may push it over the threshold as well.

There’s no point in worrying until you actually know. If you do receive pay that takes you over the threshold, contact the Carers Allowance team: they’re generally pretty helpful and if you know the period the back pay covers (better still if you have a letter from your employer), then it shouldn’t be a problem. After all £100 over ten weeks - as an example - won’t affect your entitlement long term, whereas the same amount over two weeks is a different matter.

The Housing Benefit issue should be the same, more or less. You might have a short spell without, but they should just adjust the award for the period involved.