Baby Monitor

Hi - Can anyone recommend a particular baby Monitor preferably with a camera so I can check on someone in the night and see if I have to get out of bed to help them ?
My mum is blind and has dementia and can trash her incontinence pads in the night and throw her duvet cover off.
She does however also talk in her sleep so if I went to check on her every time I heard a sound I would be back and forth like a yo yo.
I just want a camera I can check on her and two way version so I can reassure her if I need to without always having to get of bed

Many thanks x

not recommending just a google search.

Same google search … this time … IMAGES.

Hello and welcome!

This is a article on baby monitors worth reading

I posted before on a similar topic you can get a pet camera to watch see if your pets are alright when you are at work or out.
Sends a signal to your mobile so you don’t actually need a screen or monitor.
You can also talk to your pets so its 2 way, has a speaker built in.

I think there are fancy cost more versions where you have a treat dropper combined, so you can talk and give treats.
Pet is happy hears the sound of your voice and gets a treat.

You could use it for caring or virtually any other purpose.
Basic version do an internet search was about 40 pounds.

Hi - Many thanks for the replies. We are trying a BT one as it has great reviews in Argos and Amazon.

Just want to check on her without having to get out of bed every time. When she flings her duvet off I get worried about her getting cold especially in winter.

She has an obsession with her underwear and the room looks like a snow storm in the mornings where she rips up her incontinence pad and takes her nightwear off.

If I can nip it in the bud early on with a distraction using one of her various soft toys she usually settles back to sleep.

Have got used to coming downstairs in a almost sleep walking state to tuck her back In and then head back upstairs with my head hitting the pillow and sound asleep again…hopefully with this Baby monitors screen I will get away with only opening one eye lol :joy: