Awake all night, sleeping all day?

’m just looking for a bit advice to see if anyone has been through anything similar. My daughter is 10 and is in an awful routine. Routine did used to be a big part of her life but from may 2021 she has been classed as a school refuser and has been at home from then, her routine has gone out the window. She really struggles with anxiety and getting to sleep on a night is a massive problem she’s very anxious and can’t sleep, lately she’s been literally awake all night then going to sleep 6-7 o’clock in the morning then sleeping until after dinner time I’m having to wake her up around 1 o’clock lunch time (hard work) then she’s too tired to even want to get up and ready. I’m really struggling with what I can do to sort this out? I’ve tried things like… weighed blanket, pillow mist, aroma steamer sleep essential oils, white noise, calming cds, Johnson’s bedtime creams, talcs etc. I’ve even tried sleeping downstairs and up to see if either works better or not. I’m really at a loss now. Any advice would be appreciated.

This sounds really worrying.
From a parent carer’s point of view, this means that you never really get a break?
From her point of view, labelling her a “school refuser” and not going to school at such a young age really doesn’t sound helpful.
Have you asked the doctor for help
Have Education offered any support at all?

Hi Patrick,

quick answer for now, Cerebra have lots of information on sleep issues in children

You can also make a referral to their sleep team

Is she receiving support for her anxiety?

Is the local authority providing a home tuition?