Attilla might be retiring?!

For years I’ve joked that my son’s Social Services file probably says “Beware Mother - Attilla the Hun!”

However, after involving the Ombudsman, the Complaints Officer, and the Director of Social Services, it looks like I might soon be able to retire.

Just spoken to the Service Manager. I’m both delighted and stunned to find M now has more care hours awarded, all the long requested Risk Assessments are complete, and that rather than commission one provider to give 52 weeks care, they recognise that there are things he can only do with me (like drive my 10 ton steam roller, drive his garden tractor, visit his girl friend in Cornwall). In recognition of this, they are going to commission the provider for 40 weeks care, allowing me to manage the remaining 12 weeks under Direct Payments. It’s taken since 2006 to have my contribution to his care recognised!!!

I told this Manager recently that in under 3 years I turned the hospital where I worked from worst performing, to best beforming in the state of Western Australia, and I think that gave her food for thought.

I feel like singing “Zip a dee doo dah, my oh my what a wonderful day!!!”

The useless care providers were awarded the contract to care for people with autism in a new supported living complex locally. I asked how could they possibly do that when they knew from my experience how bad they were?
The contract has been removed from that provider this week!!


So so pleased to read your post BB. You truly are an inspiration on how to keep fighting, until your rights ( and Ms) are recognised and sorted.
Definitely a zipadee doodah wonderful day!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations, BB, that’s just wonderful! Of course, it should have happened long ago, but still.

congratulations to you.

these care providers need to respect parents and listen and take action on their views. well done you. you are an inspiration.

I feel as if I’m continually grinning like a Cheshire cat. Need to get a copy of that song “Happy”, was it by ?Ferrell Williams?

Pharrell Williams, you can download it, or listen on YouTube!

Thanks Pet.
I think SSD were scared when I said I’d get an Independent Support Plan writer involved in the New Year, I suspect that what they have offered me is still under what he’d recommend, but I’m still OK with it.

BB, that’s great news. Well done.


What a lovely Christmas surprise!
Well done BB

Good for you. Excellent work.

You so deserve that BB, what great news in time for Christmas. :smiley: