Are Family / Kinship Carers The Territorial Army For The NHS?

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Are family carers a “Territorial Army” for the NHS ?
Mimms Davies MP, who has been a carer for her mother, thought that carers should be considered as a “reserve army, similar to the Territorial Army” who support the work of the NHS.

I disagree.

Unlike unpaid carers, the Territorial Army are trained in their role. They have a life outside of their reservist role. When called upon to act, they are provided with all that they need in order to be effective in their role and to protect themselves from harm. Mostly, they are called upon to support the work of the army.

Carers differ as we are the front-line fire-fighters and we are being let down by the NHS; we are being let down by the social care system; we are being let down by those in professions such as social workers, civil servants at the DWP, charities who claim to represent us, and the local authorities who have largely ignored the toothless Care Act.

Mostly, we are being let down by the politicians who pat us on the backs with one hand whilst imposing their punishing austerity cuts with the other and prefer to keep us poor rather than acknowledge that we are currently being exploited.

The Carers’ Strategy is due for publication by June. Even if it is a Rolls Royce model of a carer strategy, if there isn’t an accompanying strategy to raise awareness of its existence amongst those who need to know, I doubt its value in improving our lives as carers. It will most likely become yet another strategy left sitting on a shelf.

I challenge the government to prove me wrong.

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Territorial soldiers get paid for each quarter day of training they take part in and the pay scale is based on that of a regular soldier at a similar rank. New recruits get £35.04 for a full day, but once you’re through basic training you get £43.54 a day.

Okay , I’ll kick off.

When your caree is returned to you by the NHS , how many are now " Press ganged " into becoming nurses , even doctors ???

For those with carees suffering from mental illness … trained psychiatrist ?

Young carers … playing a real game of doctors and nurses … the NHS version ?