Any help on how to fund a reinforced bed while on benefits

I’m a carer 2 my partner & have been since 2014…he has rheumatoid arthritis, he is also 27st…he has went from working 2 claiming benifits, hard 4 a man who 1ce was able 2 provide for his family…my dilemma is we have the most unsupportive & uncomfortable bed…we both cant get a good night sleep without wakenin up 2-3xs each, when he up 4 pee or if he feels uncomfy…we have o.t but with all cut backs they cant help with beds…the bed we have isn’t for some1 like my partner but it was all we could afford…my kids r suffering as we both grumpy & sore & in need of a comfortable bed…he applied 4 a community care grant last week but got refused as they wont help if it’s for an on going disability, only emergencies…so is there any1 that can guide me 2 where 2 go or who maybe could help…

Thank you in advance

Hi Victoria … welcome to the forum.

First stop would ne a NEEDS assessment from your LA :

Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Subject to financial tests , said bed COULD be financed by your LA as part of said assessment.

Practical problem … waiting time for one … a real post code lottery out there.

Disability equipment grants … an Internet search using those three words … Disability Grants web site :

( Other UK sources are also revealed through that Internet search. )

Locally … Gumtree springs to mind as do AGE UK.

Others will be along to add their suggestions … and possibly , recommendations.

Already replied on your first thread , Victoria.

Scotland ?

Needs assessment as in Scotland :

Assessment of your care needs | Care Information Scotland

Disability grants … Scotland :

One link off that site : Independence at Home :

Gumtree / AGE UK … both in Scotland as well as England.

Sorry above link is not for the UK - same

Search for “Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness”, a charity that provides equipment for ill and disabled people which can’t be provided by the NHS or Social Services. When I ran a charity long ago, they were very helpful when I put a claim in for one of my members, and even asked if I knew any more disabled children who needed anything!
Let us know how you get on.