Am I still a carer? Mother in home now

Am I still a carer, mother in a home now. ?

Yes Louisa you are still a carer -
View your position more as “Care Manager” now in that you can oversee the care your Mum is receiving in the care home without having to cope with the daily grind of having to physically do the caring.

Having a team of people around to do the “care” part when my Mum was in a care home I found that, despite her dementia, we were able to reinstate our normal Mother/Daughter relationship to a greater degree without the stress of caring.

When my late husband went into a nursing home I used to care manage as susieq states. Keeping an eye on things he would need like toiletries and clothing. I bought labels for everything. Didn’t spend loads on clothing because everything was hot washed but still wanted him to look nice. He was a very smart proud man pre dementia. It was a good nursing home they often needed reminding of his sensitivity to certain foods etc. My family and myself were still carers in many ways.