Am I a carer?


Can I ask a question please.
I was applying for a Loan and the bank said what is your occupation and they said there is no option for unemployed or disabled.
They said there is an option for househusband, my wife works but I am disabled and receive DLA and ESA. But not sure if this would be correct to put this down, also our child is disabled and gets DLA middle rate care and lower rate mobility and the bank said could we put you down as a carer? but I do not know if this would be correct as I myself get DLA and ESA and we do not get carers allowance and I am worried they would think a carer is someone who is a carer who is employed? Obviously I live with my daughter and look after her with my wife, we all live in the same house. I am confused? hope someone can help?


Hi Pete,

Since the bank said they could put you down as a carer - then they must have thought it meant someone caring for a relative or friend. However, I think the reliability of this information depends on how senior the person giving the advice was. I suggest seeking clarification.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau has information here Loans - Citizens Advice


Hi Pete - welcome!

Whether you get Carers Allowance or not is irrelevant. You have a disabled daughter who needs care and you are involved in that care - it makes you a carer. The confusion over whether you’re employed or not as a care worker (what almost everybody thinks of as a carer) is not your problem if you make it clear that you are an unpaid family carer. It’s still your occupation. As long as you make it clear - I’d suggest in writing to be certain - then there shouldn’t be a problem. Most banks have staff who are carers, and many of them offer support to those staff because they’re carers. Frankly, they’re a bit more clued in than most companies, which is probably why they suggested that to you.