All my payslips are electronic, what do I do?

I recently got myself a job, which is a relief! Obviously informed the DWP of change of circumstances but once I’d completed the process I was informed that I would need to send payslips, I’m assuming as proof that I’m not earning over the threshold. But all my payslips are going to be electronic, what do I do? Does anybody else have experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, I could ask them, but I’m sure that you understand that I’d rather not.

Edit: Also, due to my work being seasonal and part time, there may be weeks or months on end where I receive no pay whatsoever and will have no payslips to send. I’m so stressed thinking about all of this.


You’re going through a lot of big changes at the moment, which is dead scary. But the chances are that these are not big problems - just new ones for you which makes them scary. I always find the first time - with anything - pretty scary, and I have to tell myself off a lot!

Give the DWP a call. Tell them about your payslips being electronic. There’s no doubt they’ll have come across this somewhere. Before I retired last year, I was receiving payslips by email. It’s going to have been pretty common over the last year or two.

They’ll have a method for dealing with it.

When my Mum went into a care home I had to contact them and do the Power of Attorney bit - everything had to be emailed. They’ll likely give you an email address and tell you what to put in the subject line so it gets to the right person.

They’re also used to people with varying hours and pay. It can be a problem area but they’re now under a lot of political pressure to get it right after a recent court ruling.

Hope you enjoy the new job!

Hi! Thanks so much for the reply, and apologies for the late response. I’ve been burying my head in the sand a bit the last couple of weeks but will give them a phone tomorrow and explain the situation. You’re right, I’m probably making a mountain out of a mole hill.

But yeah, I’m worrying about the varying hours too. My job is going to be seasonal and there will be weeks and months on end where i earn very little or nothing at all. So definitely worried about earning over £128 a week at one point, getting knocked off and then having no income for the next couple of months.

Thanks again