Hospital beds so noisy

Yesterday we had a hospital bed delivered for my terminally ill husband. We have had a terrible nights sleep the bed is so noisy. The motor hums beeps clicks, it sounds as though it keeps inflating mattress a hissing noise. The motor sounds like our old printer
Is this normal that an electric bed is so noisy

It sounds as if your husband’s bed has an airflow mattress to prevent or help with the treatment of pressure sores, which people in your husband’s situation can be very vulnerable to. That would explain the occasional hissing.

Unfortunately, electric motors are rarely quiet, and because the noises are strange to you both, they will disturb you more. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Sorry to hear about your husband.

It will controlling his airflow mattress to guard against/prevent bed sores.

Try putting a thick towel or two between it and the bed or laying it on the floor on the carpet/a thick towel to lessen and absorb some vibrations and hum.
Next time the nurse visits ask if the noise is usual or if it sounds a bit off.

Check for a label on it for when last tested, it might have been done prior to being sent to you or it might be nearing an annual test.

Thank you both. We have agreed with nurses to change to an ordinary mattress as they think that as my lovely husband may only have days or a week to live and at the moment he has no pressure sores an ordinary mattress will be ok. I just want him to be comfortable and peaceful
.Thanks again

My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you.

Has your G P arranged NHS Continuing Healthcare for you? Free care at this difficult time?

Hi, yes we are getting good care. Arranged by CNS at the hospital, GP was useless. We have a palliative nurse who comes in, carers 2/3 times a day but I can call them 24/7. He was assessed by a McMillan occupational therapist who was very good.
The palliative care nurses have been very good with trying to help us with a decision to move him to a Hospice, even though I promised to care for him at home I didn’t realise how hard it would be.
Last night we both had better night with the new mattress thank goodness.

If you can get hospice take it if they have a bed.
Be honest with them - you didn’t realise how hard it would be and it is too much for you.

The hospice is nothing like hospital, it is peaceful and dignified.
My father was in the hospice with cancer in a private room and they took very good care of him and my mother. The hospice was very peaceful and the staff were so caring.

They have beds for relatives, my mother lived in the chair next to him and went to bed at night.
We ferried fresh clothes etc for her. There was a breakout room to have a coffee and a break, beautiful gardens but for us it was late December and snowing! They also had a small chapel.

Ask if you can get a move to the hospice if they have a bed and then both of you will be taken care of, it will be almost like being at home except they are doing all the work and you just have quality time together.

It is better than being at home because they do all the palliative care, you just hold hands and make the most of the time you have left.

I’m glad you had a better night last night.

I think Breezey is right about hospice care. Overall it’s a better option because you can concentrate on spending quality time with your husband while others deal with his care needs.

We were so grateful for the hospice.
it is very dignified and as much of a home from home as you can get.

Every member of staff is so caring, respectful of your situation and helpful.
They are so compassionate - you are not alone, they are with you every step of the way and they have grief counselling.

I would strongly recommend hospice to anyone who qualifies for it.