Ageuk walking groups

Hello everybody. I understand that a lot of you are feeling isolated during these difficult times due to the pandemic. Social gatherings have stopped.
However, my local ageuk centre have started a weekly ‘Walking group’ which is allowed (as long as my area doesn’t go into the very high risk group). I joined the group yesterday and we went for a lovely walk in a local park. There were about 12 of us and it gave me the opportunity to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends in a safe environment.
I thought this was a really good idea of ageuk. It brought people together outdoors.
Ageuk is for people aged 55+

Glad you enjoyed it, Karen. Thanks for sharing.

I go Nordic walking once a week with an organised group. Exercise and real people to talk to. What’s not to like?!


Hi Melly, I’ve never done ‘Nordic’ walking, so I’ve just been reading up about it. It sounds amazing! It’s great that these groups are still able to get together.

Hi Karen,

a friend recommended it to me over a year ago. I did a few taster sessions and then put it on hold due to other commitments.

During full lockdown it stopped however once folk could meet outside in SD groups of 6, our instructor started up groups of 6 (including her) and then once outdoor organised sports could meet in larger groups she was able to increase number. It’s a Godsend.

Hoping it can carry on. Even if the weather isn’t great we quickly warm up and everyone keeps going whereas if it started raining and you were walking on your own you’d probably go home.

I pay £5 and that includes a loan of poles.


I’ve just checked out the Nordic walking sessions with my local Age UK group - unfortunately because of Covid it’s suspended :frowning:
So that’s another idea to get me out and about abandoned !

However I will keep an eye open for it returning in the future.

Melly - ours is only £3 per session with the loan of poles included :slight_smile:

Oh Susie, that’s a shame, no need for it to be. Karen Dee does ordinary walking through Age Uk. I do my Nordic walking through the British Nordic Walking Association. I’m not quite in the Age Uk category yet. Perhaps the age uk sessions are subsidised?


All of the activity type sessions at my local Age UK branch have been suspended or gone online :frowning:

I’ve also looked at the U3A groups but they’re suspended too - nothing in “real time” :frowning:

I could go walking on my own - plenty of parks around here, but I find solo walking very boring and have no real incentive to go; a walking group would be ideal for me as I’d have other people to talk to whilst getting some much needed exercise.

I agree, it isn’t as easy to be motivated when walking alone, especially when the weather isn’t as good. It’s easier if it’s part of a your daily routine but I agree social walking is great as it ticks two boxes. I usually drive to get S to miss the school run traffic and then have a walk in the park before collecting him - however, I must admit if the weather isn’t up to much, I take some work to do in the car instead.

Would any of your fellow volunteers from the Charity shop or Cat rescue place be interested? I suppose you could place ad re an informal walking group. Could you sister place an ad at the golf club?


Thanks for the ideas Melly :slight_smile:

My sister’s bowls club (not golf !) had re-opened but with the new restrictions has shut again so nothing doing there :frowning:
I’ll try to contact some of the volunteers at the shop but there’s only going to be1 volunteer per shift so not sure how I’d get the message passed around to enough people and I haven’t been back to the cattery for ages - they still aren’t allowing volunteers back yet.

Think I’m going to have dig out my old personal CD player and headphones or make sure that my phone is charged up and use headphones to listen to the radio whilst I walk ! Oh yes, and find some motivation too :unamused: :unamused:

Oh bowls - sorry! Isn’t that played outside? I’m surprised that doesn’t come under organised sport.

Could put up a poster in the stockroom at the shop? Shame re the cattery. Not easy living alone is it? I know I live with S and love him very much, but it’s not the equivalent of living with another adult.