Hi All,

Could anyone tell me.
I have 2 children with Middle rate DLA. I already have carers allowance for one of my children. My husband has recently lost his job and we were wondering if he could also claim carers allowance?
My question is…….Can myself and my husband claim for a child each?


More than 1 person in the same household can claim Carer’s Allowance but they must be caring for different people.

For example, if both parents are caring for 2 disabled children and both meet the conditions for Carer’s Allowance, each could claim Carer’s Allowance for caring for 1 of the disabled children.

Added bonus of an online benefits calculator :

To ensure that ALL benefits and allowances are currently being claimed … including Housing Benefit and a potential Council Tax discount.

Hi Dominique,

Welcome to the forum. As Chris has already said, you can each care for one child. Your husband will then NOT have to “look for work”. It will doubtless be a huge help for you.

My son is now 40, brain damaged at birth. If you could tell us a bit more about your children, especially age and nature of their special needs, we might be able to help in other ways too.

I think what BB is getting at is he won’t have to prove to DWP that he is looking for work so he can just do productive searching not box filling time wasting.

If you are Carers Allowance you can’t be made to look for work.
(If I ask nicely Chris may put up chapter and verse for you!?)

Nicely ?

That makes a change !

CA … chapter and verse … occasionly , the DWP may call you in for a quick chat … cannot be avoided at times :

Thinking of returning to work? | Carers UK

Sometimes carers who are in receipt of Income Support or Employment and Support Allowance (in the Work Related Activity Group) may be asked to take part in work focused interviews (WFIs) and undertake work related activity (WRA).

Under Universal Credit ?

Possibly … certain procedures are being modified prior to that UC steamroller being started up again.