Advice very much appreciated please

Good evening everyone,
My name is Helen and I’m searching for advice on behalf of my Mum.
She has been caring for my Grandfather who has terminal cancer and currently in hospital (Grandfather that is).
Mum is in ill health herself and it’s all getting too much for her. My Grandfather has stated he now would like to go into Nursing care as he is worried for his daughter.
Both my Grandfather and Mum would like him to go to a certain home, which he knows very well as he used to visit a good friend in there, so he would be very comfortable in his surroundings. Now the Manager/owner have said they have a vacancy and would love to have him, here lies the crux, hospital discharge have said no, he can’t go there as it is out of their jurisdiction?
Is that so?
Advise would be very very much appreciated.

Thank you.

“out of their jurisdiction”??? It is not for a hospital to choose where someone can be discharged to!
However, maybe they need to explain more?

If grandad has terminal cancer, then residential care would potentially give him all the care he needs for the rest of his life, IF it is a NURSING home, i.e. has a qualified nurse on duty 24/7.
Who will pay for the care? Is grandad going to have “NHS Continuing Healthcare”? That’s FREE care provided by the NHS. If you and mum don’t know, then you need to find out.
Make sure the home agrees to save the bed and stress to the hospital that this needs to be sorted out urgently, while there is still a bed. Most hospitals are desperate to discharge patients asap!

Talk to the hospital PALS raising you concerns …

Have you be given the correct information?

Ask questions stand your ground

Thank you very much for your rapid replies.
Mum has POE for both health and finances and is willing to pay for his care, he is 93 and worked hard all his life so he has provisions to pay.
I will speak to PALS on her behalf tomorrow.