Advice on how to manage paying for my care

Hello everyone, I hope this is acceptable. I’m not a carer, but rely on home care provided by a private company and I’m struggling to keep up with the payments. When I first had the council financial assessment last year, I didn’t really fully understand the criteria of DRE and what I could put down for this. Also, my condition has deteriorated and this means I do in fact have to use the washing machine more often, thus using more detergent. I do have to buy more bedding and also incontinence sheets etc… For the last few months, I’ve been very ill and have let a few things slip in to the black hole of financial difficulties. My home care invoices being one of those things, despite being in receipt of both higher rates for mobility and daily living components of PIP. I simply don’t know what to do, I need the care on a morning in particular and can’t seem to get the amount of hours down anymore than I already have. Can someone please offer me some advice? I’ve recently had abdominal surgery and the extra stress is having a terrible impact on my recovery. Many thanks for listening!

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Hi Elise.
take a look at this section on the website for advice Help and advice | Carers UK for advice on finances, benefits, Needs assessments etc

If your needs have increased then you can request an updated Needs Assessment and ask for a new financial assessment too.

Following surgery you should have had a re-enablement package of free care until you were over the op.

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Hun melly,

Thanks for your reply, I was told because I already had a care plan in place that I wasn’t entitled to reenablement? I’m at my wits end behind with a fair few months with of payments and worrying how I can pay for the outstanding and the care I’m receiving now.



Hi Elsie.

Merely some background to the questions you have raised … AGE UK :

The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK

As we are family / kinship carers , a little difficult for us to fully understand … a caree without a family carer.

SCOPE have an online community … I would recommend bouncing same questions off them.