Paying for Care - Help

Hey all just a little situation and looking for some advice really.
My grandmother is now bed bound and was close to passing a few weeks ago. From that the GP referred us to have community nurses visiting 4x Daily to change her as she is incontinent and do any type of personal care that she needs. Now the nurses have told us that they are withdrawing from her care and can no longer come out after a certain period of time as they only come for the latter stages of life yet since she’s “made a recovery” they are no longer needed. They stated that they are referring my Grandmother to Social Services etc where she would fully have to cover the cost of her care and as we all know that’s more expensive than most can handle. We mentioned that since she is now bedbound, her mobility is zero and she is fully incontinent, this in itself should make her eligible for Continuing Healthcare, we called the nurses and spoke about this with them and they had said very rudely that she wasn’t eligible. Yet it states on NHS website that she would be given her lack of mobility and full incontinence. They had also said they don’t provide Continuing healthcare for residents in their own home and again that was a complete lie. I’m just wondering what we should do next. If they withdraw their care that will leave us having to change her ourselves and she is a heavy woman, from a health and safety point of view she needs to have two carers to be able to do such things. If something were to happen with one of us changing her ourselves it could quite easily become a safeguarding issue. Any help would be appreciated as were a little lost for how to approach things next.

Ring the GP surgery and ask for them to make a Fast Track CHC Referral.
Explain that without any carers mum will need hospital treatment as you are unable to provide the care she needs.