Advice needed

I AV an aunt who lives alone, she suffers with anxiety and occasionally panic attacks. She says she cannot walk far so does not leave the house unless with me or go into the garden as she thinks she will fall and no one will no. Her behaviour over last few yrs has changed so much. Very argumentative, she apparently know and doesn’t forget and if u prove her wrong doesn’t want to no and will change the subject. There’s not many who see the real her as she puts on this false act, doesn’t want anyone to know she can’t do things, which infuriates me. for instance I take her for her health checkups at the drs, she tells the Dr such rubbish, how much she smokes, how much she eats etc portraying a picture of independence. She’ll say she’s hoovered etc but blatantly obvious she hasnt. Boredom also plays a big part of her problems. She drives everyone mad keep calling them for nothing. I try my best I do her shopping, jobs around the house and huge garden. I mentioned I shud claim carers allowance as I don’t work an don’t claim any benefits. Even if it contributed to my petrol, Tel exp etc but she refuses says she doesn’t need help. If I was to apply for carers allowance wud she be notified? If so she wud refuse it. She regularly rings to say things aren’t working and when I get there it’s fine. During this lockdown she has drove me daft to cut her back lawn, it doesn’t need doin, no one can see it, but she says it’s pesters her what people are thinking, I try to explain and all I get is you don’t understand I suffer with anxiety it worries me. She will drive me round the bend.

What benefits does your Aunt already claim. Because carers allowance can effect caree’s benefits.

Yes, usually you do need to inform a person you will be claiming carers allowance.

Have you looked at a personal alarm - local authorities can provide these. If your aunt would wear it. It could make her feel more secure.

Hello and welcome!

What about getting a personal alarm? There are lots of home security products which are available these days. Make sure to check out the reviews carefully and if possible request a product demonstration as well. Do not hesitate to ask questions either. On Monday morning email or call up your local council to inquire about a personal alarm. They should be able to explain about your options etc. Also look at some home security products online first. Find out as much as possible. Try to get a copy of a current brochure so you can make a informed and well thought out decision. Or a catalog of products.
Has she had a needs assessment done or not? Your local council is responsible for that. I recommend phoning early on Monday morning to explain and ask for a social worker. Is she claiming any benefits? Citizen’s Advice can assist you with all of that. Their helpful website contains a lot of good information on the whole application process or you can call or email them on Monday first thing. Best wishes. Politely suggest to her that instead of you doing all the work, that you are happy to hire a third party tradesman who can come to cut her grass etc in the future. You will pay of course. Then wait and see exactly what her reaction to your suggestion is, it will be truly telling.