New here

Hi I’m new here,

I will give a little run down to why we are where we are. Both me and my partner are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, partner this last year has only spoke about his abuse and is now facing the healing his trauma process this has led him into extreme depression and PTSD. My partner already new my history as I dealt with mine to the best I could a good 10 years ago now. Although I’m at times finding supporting my partner hard, I feel emotionally burnt out I’m also a survivor of domestic violence from previous relationship and the change in my partner’s moods I find somewhat difficult. I do try to compose myself at all times around him and listen to him but I’m struggling I have 3 children I’m caring for my partner’s mental health and recent suicide attempt and all my own past issues occasionally resurfacing to deal with I feel like I’m on the the edge of a steep slope at times. I’m also on medication for generalised anxiety disorder which works well for me but I find my anxiety is high with recent events.

HI Stephanie,

welcome to the forum. Has your partner been referred for specialist counselling re the abuse? It sounds as if you usually manage ok, but this recent disclosure and your partner’s current mental state is making life much more stressful for you; plus it is the school holidays.

Do your children attend any summer play schemes or clubs? They might benefit from attending a young carers group too.