Person I care for new worrying health issue

Hi all

So my mum whom I care for and who was in hospital for 3 nights is refusing to acknowledge a new health issue that I am worried about.
I was out food shopping on Saturday and came back to find her incontinence pads on her chair a red colour…it had been mentioned that she may have had bed sores but it’s not that.
She seems to be bleeding from somewhere down below…not gushing out…but possibly in her urine…and I have seen blood clots in her pants and the toilet.
I’ve told her we need to get a doctor to take a look…but she is a nightmare to get there…as in she won’t acknowledge that she needs to go…I could make her an appointment but she probably wouldn’t go in… I mentioned the issues to her morning carer this morning, who incidentally confirmed that she couldn’t.see any bedsores and the carer said that xhe should see a doctor. Any advice on this would be great. Or has anyone dealt with a stubborn person before who is almost in denial about her new health issue! The bleeding isn’t constant…it strangely seems to start afternoon time and the stop overnight!

Yes my husband is medically non compliant so my heart goes out to you. Frankly it is a nightmare I would not wish on my worst enemy. He too discharged himself when he had the pulmonary embolism because his much younger wife WANTED to look after him. No one bothered to ask me how I felt.

I think you should phone her GP and at least register your concerns or write to them. I think if she has mental capacity then you cannot force her to go into the Surgery. But if you keep telling the Carers, they will report to the Manager who may well contact the GP. Then, you may get a call or a request that your mother goes in.

It could be something very simple like Divictular disease - this can cause a scary amount of blood and I have this with my husband, but it does need going on record.

If you are finding clots, that’s very serious.

That doesn’t sound good and must be very worrying for you. Is she otherwise as well as she was before this? Is she aneamic with the blood loss or does she have any other symptoms that might help you to work out what’s going on? It’s common for bleeding in that area to slow down overnight, simply because of gravity, but it would usually start again once they are up and about. How would she feel if a health care professional came out to her? This worked once when I couldn’t get Dad to see someone. I reported my concerns (he was living totally independently back then) and several days later he said that a nurse had been round to see him as part of an older person’s unit. I hope you can get some answers.