3 things that get me through the day

Pain Killlers
Lindt Chocolate Orange Balls
And Molton Brown shower gel…

Thank god for all of the above :smiley:

My mindfulness training says I should
Give a smile
Give a compliment
Give my undivided attention
… to feel really really good

In reality it’s
Being able to get out daily
This forum

My three things

Yes agree- mindfulness
Being a chip off the old block :laughing:

Knowing when my next holiday is due
Knowing I have some sewing to do
Knowing I’m doing my best in the circumstances I’m in.

Fast women.

Even faster horses / second pair of aces to sit with the first pair.

Keg of Adnams Broadside.

Eh , sorry folks , day dreaming again ?

Make that :

Not having to type … CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Not having to type … Unsafe hosital discharge ? Not another one !

Not having to type … Online benefits calculator , a financial m.o.t.

( Then adding the links … why cannot I just whistle 'em up ? )

Just one day without those three … please ?

Just one day with only one out of the three would be nice … " 29th. February do yer ? "

Pretty much equals mindfulness

A clock threw seconds at me
Which I lazily dropped.
They fell into the past
Lost forever.

Make the best of all the minutes acoming your way.

After I had a serious operation, was widowed, and was badly injured in a car accident, my world was shattered.

I had to find a new way of living, and being thankful for what I had, finding something good every day - especially in nature, and learning being kind to myself, helped me get through the bad times.