Young carer for mother with epilepsy

Hi I’m new here, just looking to find people I can talk to and make friends with :slight_smile: I’m 17

Hi Kasiyah, I think most of us that are here regularly are considerably older than 17, although we may not always act it, (or maybe that’s just me) I’ve started adding my age together now, so that makes me 15. :smiley:

What do you have to do for your Mum, and how long has she had epilepsy?

My Mum developed epilepsy later in life; we only discovered that when arriving there one day (a five hour drive, so we weren’t regular visitors) and she was lying flat on the floor unconscious with her dog licking her face - she seemed to think that that was OK as it happened regularly, but after insisting that she saw her GP he said she had epilepsy.

It’s not an easy route to travel being someone’s carer, think long and hard before you commit yourself to too much.

Hi Kasiyah,
Do you go to any young carers groups that operate in your area? This is a great way to get support and mix with other young people who understand what caring is like.