Worrying all the time

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum.

Long story short. I have been carrying full time for my father since March 2020. He became unwell with a small rash on leg.

After being in hospital for 5 weeks, he came home needing 24 hr care, unable to walk. Before admission he was independent, driving , going for walks and very able. We never knew what really happened,but while he was in hospital, he caught infection after infection and came home with very bad pressure sores on both heels. He now has nurses coming 3 times a week and we have a carer.

I’m just feeling very overwhelmed, and just worried constantly. My mother and I are basically caring for him the best we can to avoid him being back in hospital. He is petrified of going back, as it was the most horrific experience ever.

Anyone feeling exhausted with worry.

Hi Kay and welcome,

goodness, how terrible.

How old is he? Is he mentally alert? Can he weight bear?

I’m not surprised you are all feeling anxious and desperate to keep him out of hospital.

Is there anything in particular you are seeking suggestions about or is more emotional support you are after?


Hello Kay

Welcome to the forum, this sounds like a very difficult situation for you and your mum.

Have you heard of our weekly care for a cuppa meet ups? We’re running them weekly every Monday afternoon, you’d be very welcome to join. Other members have said they’ve found them really helpful to be able to talk to other carers. They’re very informal sessions for carers to take some time for themselves. Do come along if you can, sign up details are here:

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic … ne-meetups

Best wishes

He should never have been sent home without a proper care assessment and care package from Social Services. Are you getting any help at all??