Why does no one do the gritting?

Every time we get snow and ice , the paths and roads get very slippery, the car park is like an ice rink but no one does the gritting.

We are an estate with a lot of elderly and disabled, a lot of carers every day but we have asked the council and we are not a priority.

It is left to me and other volunteers to do all the gritting.

The council just do the main roads and thats it, supply the grit and its left to the householders to spread it.

Again no one seems to care.

This seems to be standard practice in most places, including where I live. Classified roads and bus routes get priority for gritting. Estate roads may eventually be gritted but only as time permits after the main roads are treated. There is a “grit bin” provided for residents who may wish to do a bit of gritting themselves.

The only other practical suggestion I can make for slippery roads and footpaths is good solid footwear, such as monkey boots, with a ribbed sole which will grip well on snow and other slippery surfaces. Beware of black ice - even these are little good on that.

My son works for a local authority (not responsible for gritting though!)

They are doing their best to maintain essential services, but some of their staff are not available to work because of shielding etc.

This has been a long term issue, our estate is a housing association but is “Supported Housing” but the roads on the estate are owned by the local authority.

So there is an argument between both organisations, but there is supposed to be partnership working.

The supported housing estate owned by the council just down the road, every year workers come along, every paths done the car park and roads are done regularly by the council.

We have lots of volunteer services, a big army camp nearby . But it is worn out exhausted unpaid carers who have to do the gritting to ensure the safety of the elderly and disabled and to actually be able to go and get shopping and essential medication.

There is a big main road nearby , once on the main roads then that’s alright, the path and roads are gritted, but its just getting to that main road that’s the issue.

What if an elderly person falls and breaks their leg or hip, weeks in hospital and more care needed, what if a paid carer falls, weeks off work and we are already short of care workers.

There just seems to be a lack of common sense and lack of care, its nothing to do with us, someone else’s job.