Can't keep house clean who should help?

One of my carees just can’t keep his house clean, you go in and its like one of them houses you see on the Tv.
The fridge has out of date food, the hob and oven are mucky, the house just generally needs a real good hoover, mopping of the floors regularly, dusting etc.

I and other friends have helped tidy up but the house soon gets back to a right state.

The landlord has found out and is not at all happy and is harassing the tenant to keep the house clean.

The council have been no help whatsoever , does not qualify for carers.

But in NYCC the cleaning has been cancelled only care is supplied, the council just suggest get a private cleaning firm in.

I just don’t think its as simple as getting cleaners in, the tenant just doesn’t seem to be able to care for himself and live independently.

So who is responsible for helping?

Both Landlord and council claim its each others responsibility to help.

The council won’t help as they are not a council tenant.

The landlord won’t help as they don’t provide services, but the onus is on the tenant to keep the house in good condition.

The Care act says something about if you cannot keep your house clean and tidy you are entitled to help and support, but the council won’t help.

The tenant clearly needs help and support but but no one will help?

This seems to be a universal problem there just isn’t any help available, ill people have to just rely on family and friends to help with the housework and support.

So who should be helping? there used to be a tenancy support service to deal with issues like the above but that’s gone, there just isn’t any tenancy support in our town.

I know that this is now recognised as a mental illness, from something I read recently, but can’t remember further details I’m afraid. My mum was too attached to things, hoarded Ercol furniture, but fortunately it was a clean if cluttered house. 60+ dining chairs, about 10 dining tables, 10 sideboards…!