Council services

with council services like bin collections which are being done where we are but they are not cutting the grass on council property / homes which are council owned … cannot even walk our dog for concerns over rats etc

My son is a mechanic for the council, and so I know that a number of staff are shielding and vulnerable, so staff from other departments are being called in to take turns as “loaders” to keep the service running smoothly. My son is doing two “early turn” weeks, up at 4.30 am to make sure a mechanic is on duty at a yard 15 miles from home at 5.30am, before the first vehicles go out.
The next two weeks he is on call, so doing his usual work and then covering any urgent call outs, not just for the workshops, but other departments too, evenings, nights and weekends. So two weeks when he cannot plan anything to do at home. It’s a punishing schedule.

They even work bank holidays so all the rounds are done on their usual day.

Whilst it’s a shame that grass isn’t being cut, surely this is better than not having your bin collected??

There is growing discontent that whilst some people are working their socks off to keep services running, others are getting 80% of their pay for doing no work at all.

Maybe some volunteers could cut the grass so you can walk your dog???