Why do adults belittle children's (preteen - teen) mental he

We’re growing up in a society that puts a lot of pressure on us. We’re expected to understand things and yelled at for making mistakes when we’re just growing. Social media and our everyday lives push that such and such is good, and the rest isn’t. We’re constantly having new threats brought up, vapes, drugs that are more accessible, and more and it causes many kids to be nervous. They assume we can’t have anything going on because “you’re just kids”.

My parents don’t believe I have an eating disorder although they fuel it, telling me I’m eating too much when I eat smallass portions and they get smaller the more they say i do to where i go days without eating. They don’t think I have depression because “we’re giving you everything you could ever need!”.
192.168.o.1 tp link loginEmotional support is apart of that and they provide none of that. They think I’m faking anxiety even when they’ve seen me have full blown panic attacks. To them? You’re being overdramatic. My friends with mental health issues also can relate significantly close to this as well. Why is children’s mental health belittled so often?


I don’t have experience in supporting someone with mental health issues as my caree has autism. I have asked the Carers Uk help team to see if they can advise you or signpost you to relevant help for a young person with mental health concerns.