Who do you call for physical violence and dellusions?

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Second time lucky-
My relative has Parkinsons, Lewy Dementia and COPD. Since getting a chest infection they have been given steroids that cause Steroid Psychosis- thinking that everyone is a spy and trying to kill them, that their partner has been cloned, not accepting drinks or food in case it is poisoned and trying to run away. This time they are resisting physically. What do you do in the heat of the moment if it gets too much? The Police can’t really help, if we call ambulance and he gets admitted then his meds get messed up and he gets worse. Is there an emergency team that can be contacted? what are your experiences. I’m in the South but they are in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Any help much much appreciated.

Evening - this is what I’m aware of: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/legal-and-financial/which-sections-mental-health-act-are-relevant-dementia

@Charlesh47 and a few others are much more knowledgeable that me
I understand what you mean about ‘meds getting messed up’ the hospital may be the safest place for him and all of you, and to get his meds properly assessed…but perhaps the GP practice can do that?!

Hope the link helps

Does your relative have access to a Geriatric Mental Health Team? If so, they would be the first point of contact. Otherwise, I totally agree with Victoria, the GP Surgery is the place to phone. I did spend a lot of time on the Talking Point Forum and who to call does seem to be an issue. The Police wont get involved in many cases, and even if the caree is being subjected to violence, they wont section the offender if they have dementia but will suggest that the person caring leave the premises! This in many cases is not possible and could leave the person being cared for in danger if they have become a danger to themselves and others. There are simply not enough Geriatric Mental Health beds. If your relative is becoming a danger to themselves then tbh hospital is probably the best place for them if only to get their medications sorted out and give the person caring for them a break! But I do understand your reservations.

Thank you so much for your responses. I’ll look into the geriatric team. :crossed_fingers:
He has woken up calm today… so far

Hi @DevonBugsy (great name by the way). Lewy Bodies Dementia and Parkinsons often go together and it’s a really difficult combination to deal with at the best of times. Sometimes it can lead to violent situations.

I wouldn’t presume to know the answers in this situation except that in my previous job we advised carers to consider stepping aside and allowing the authorities to deal with the violence. They have access to support no carer can really get.

That said, Calderdale has a Dementia Hub, and can be contacted here: Contact - Calderdale Dementia. If the people involved “at the coal face” are not internet users, then 01422 399 833 should do the trick. They can tell them what’s available in the area and what to do to protect themselves.


Your safety is paramount.
Sometimes it helps GP’s to understand just how serious the situation is, if you can safely record your relative at times like this on your mobile phone, then show the doctor.
I know some won’t approve of this idea, but to me, safety has to take priority over everything else.
On several occasions when I’ve recommended this, there has been instant action from the GP, and an admission to hospital.
Hopefully for a short period until the aggravation calms down and the meds are properly sorted.
Very sadly, you may need to investigate specialist care homes in your area who will be able to offer long term care if the disease gets worse.
In the mean time, can I just check that a claim has been made for Attendance Allowance and exemption from Council Tax due to severe mental impairment?
Has anyone mentioned NHS Contintuing Healthcare to you.
Free care for those with very serious health issues. Sadly, something of a postcode lottery.

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Thank you and I really have to hold back from getting on my political soap box as there are insufficient funds and informed MPs to fight for carers and family. I despair that our wonderful grass roots systems are failing those who were around when the promises were made! Again, thank you so much for any advice or help you can give. Ideals are wonderful but real life is where the action is, much appreciated.
Crikey, I can’t even believe I have just become ‘that person.’

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You are amongst friends here. I think we all agree that they system is failing on many fronts at the moment. and it seems especially cruel that it’s failing our elderly who were promised care “from the cradle to the grave” when the NHS was set up in 1948.

My son with severe learning difficulties is entitled to free dental treatment at a specialist clinic.
The dentist left and wasn’t replaced for over 3 years.
The new dentist has very poor English, so poor I struggled to understand him when he rang me, after my son stomped out of the surgery. (M’s staff clearly weren’t supporting him properly!) M said that he couldn’t understand a word he said - M has speech and language difficulties, aphasia and dyspraxia. He needs short clear sentences spoken slightly slower so he can process what is being said to him. Even worse, the surgery has moved, the new surgery was the far side of the New Forest from M’s home, at least 20 miles away. I was told he needed fillings, and a root filling or extraction for one tooth.

I found a private dentist near M’s house, he didn’t need a root filling or extraction at all!
He has had a scale and polish, 3 small fillings and one larger one.
I stayed with him throughout and he was very good, tried his best to keep still.
Treatment which should have been free cost M over £1,000 in total.
I manage his benefits very carefully, and save a bit every week for him, but I’d rather have spent that money on something else!!!

Heart goes out to you. There is little help for carers and relatives of older people who can be mentally and physically abusive. I really think Carers UK need to campaigning for this and highlighting that it CAN and DOES happen. Expecting the person trying to care to leave the home is NOT acceptable. The bottom line is that there are not enough geriatric Mental Health beds or support staff such as Dementia Nurses who may pick up what is going on. So we suffer in silence as ‘nice little old men’ do not abuse their partners or family members. Like you, I feel very very bitter at times.

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